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"Mesmerizing, thoughtful and beautifully bizarre."
Background Royalty Free and Copyright Free Music Soundscapes from digitalTRAFFIC.
Ambient textures, abstract themes, futuristic atmospheric soundscapes under original and unique overtones.

Enhance your multimedia projects.

Background royalty free and copyright free tracks for use in multimedia projects, youtube videos, pre-concert music, podcasts, tele-casts, video games, videos, apps, software, training videos, films, presentations, adverts and advertising, events, audiobooks, seminars and conferences, theatre productions, voice-over background music, commercial purposes, business premises, in-store, broadcasting, elevators.
Tracks can be manipulated to suit your project requirements.
Futuristic electronic progressive abstract ambient atmospheric neutral soundscape soundtrack instrumental ethereal experimental alternative dark industrial distant landscapes hitech environments space sci-fi background music dramatic emotive cinematic video multimedia. Tracks range in styles, but feel very cohesive overall - clouds of sounds over subtle rhythm patterns. Classic digitalTRAFFIC sound throughout creating an atmospheric palate of discordant layers and rhythms with a futuristic / sci-fi edge.
Ideal for video games, corporate projects, futuristic scenes and storylines. Original soundscape music for dark and distant landscapes, futuristic hitech environments, slow / medium tempo industrial, space background atmosphere and ambience.
Background tracks for epic, majestic, dramatic, powerful, cinematic, fantasy, suspenseful scenes. Soundscapes are neutral, instrumental, experimental, progressive.
Royalty free tracks lengths - 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds and 180 seconds.
Intros and outros, positive bright and energetic, for corporate and business creative and marketing projects, presentations to commercials and advertising, showcases, seminars, exhibitions, theatre, title credits, trailers, scene transitions.
Perfect for your next multimedia project.
All music featured is royalty & copyright free. The purchaser of this music is licensed to use the contents for personal, commercial or professional use without paying any further fee. For commercial or professional use, music composition may be credited to the composer - soundscapes:digitalTRAFFIC
(no machines were harmed in the making of these albums)


soundscapes [04] album image

digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [04]

01. aesthetic [3:00] 02. bean [2:00] 03. eden [3:00] 04. green [2:00] 05. ivory [3:00]
06. lithium [2:00] 07. pond [2:00] 08. UX [2:00] 09. ritual [3:00] 10. veritas [3:00]
5 x 120 second and 5 x 180 second cool ambient tracks
120 seconds single WAV tracks available for download

bean green lithium pond UX

180 seconds single WAV tracks available for download

aesthetic eden ivory ritual veritas

soundscapes [04] album coming soon
soundscapes [03] album image

digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [03]

30 Seconds
01. Coffee 02. Element 03. Flux 04. Helix 05. Icon 06. Liquid 07. Photograph 08. Prelude 09. Q 10. Rouge

60 Seconds
11. Arcadia 12. Culture 13. Dataplex 14. Glow 15. Marble 16. Nectar 17. Orchid 18. Science 19. Swan 20. Tincture



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soundscapes [02] album image

digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [02]

30 Seconds
01. Avantgarde 02. Behemoth 03. Galactic 04. Kudos 05. Lilac 06. Meta 07. Orbi 08. Pi 09. Virtue 10. Willow

60 Seconds
11. Architect 12. Cluster 13. Dystopia 14. Edge 15. Hydrogen 16. Indigo 17. Lateral 18. Starshine 19. Tablet 20. Whisper



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digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [01] album cover

digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [01]

30 Seconds
1. Algorithm 2. Code 3. Domina 4. Exogene 5. Joule 6. Knowledge 7. Magenta 8. Presence 9. Scent 10. Vale
60 Seconds
11. Bubl 12. Cloud 13. Dreamscape 14. Evermore 15. Faith 16. Genesis 17. Ignis 18. Novo 19. Sugar 20. Terra

30 second and 60 second WAV track singles currently available

code cloud dreamscape knowledge genesis presence

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